B&C Technologies offers the most reliable, durable, and affordable laundry equipment in the industry. Here at ILS, we’re proud to supply it. We only put our name behind top-notch products, so you can trust that you’re getting the best options for your facility’s needs.

The B&C Technologies Advantage

Providing the best machines to start an operation or replace older machines is critical to providing the best experience for your customers or residents. Using machines by B&C Technologies is a powerful and reliable way to do just that. There are many advantages to securing washing or drying machines by B&C Technologies, and here are just some of them: 

Options for a Variety of Businesses

Whether you run a multi-housing unit, a commercial OPL, or an industrial laundry facility, we have the products for you. Our long-term maintenance support and repair services, as well as high-quality parts.

Your customers and employees expect convenience, ease of use, and quality when it comes to the equipment they use or operate. Don’t compromise on mediocre equipment. You can get great equipment at great prices, backed by the support of ILS.

Proven Reliability and Functionality

There’s no substitute for reliability and supreme functionality. The washer or dryers in your business must be working and easy to use to keep customers and residents happy. B&C Technologies provides the laundry machinery that can do just that! With time-honed expertise and a dedication to consistent improvement, a machine by B&C Technologies is always top-of-the-line.

Support and Repair Whenever You Need

No machine is eternally functional and efficient, no matter how excellently engineered and made! That’s why ILS is always at the ready to provide the repair support your laundry machinery needs, whenever it’s needed. Our highly-trained and continuously educated mechanics are ready to help. 

ILS is Your Source for B&C Technologies Laundry Equipment

We look forward to collaborating with your business. Let’s create something incredible! For more information, contact us today at (407) 679-0040.

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