If your laundromat isn’t yet equipped with a modern card payment system, you’re missing out. Customers appreciate multiple forms of payment methods, especially in an increasingly cashless society. Impress customers with innovative, cashless laundry payment systems through ILS! 

What Card Payment Systems Do For Laundromats

Card payment systems allow customers to do more with their laundering, completely eliminating the need for cash or coins. But it’s more than just a cashless payment system solution: 

Smart access for all users

The MyCard payment system app lets users control their laundry better. It gives users their remaining card balance, machine availability, cycle times, and notifies them when their laundry is done.

Cashless, safe, and efficient

Laundry card credits can be replenished through a Value Add Center kiosk that can be paid using cash, credit cards, or Apple Pay. This system allows for easier income monitoring and significantly lowers the risks of break-ins and robberies.

Easy to use and maintain

The MyCard payment system is beneficial for both end-users and operators. With the LaundroPortal web-based application, operators and owners can control, monitor, and manage the usage of equipment remotely and in real-time.

Ideal for use in laundromats and multi-housing facilities

 The laundry card system is best suited for busy facilities like laundromats and multi-housing facilities. Because of its safety and efficiency, it allows for low-key and remote managing and monitoring of multiple washer and dryer units. It saves time and effort, and it keeps business going no matter how busy you get!

The Smarter Way to Offer Laundry Services

Cashless laundromat payment systems will become the norm in time. If your laundry isn’t keeping up, customers might not stick around. Installing an easy-to-use laundry card system is a step in a direction that embraces the inevitable change. With more options, user-friendly application compatibilities, and effortless monitoring, you can do more for your laundry service business with less effort.

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