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ILS has been servicing Central Florida since 2005. We have built our reputation on our quality customer care and outstanding service team. We pride ourselves on our reputation and our ability to repair commercial laundry machines at our customers properties while having their budget in mind. Other companies will tell you it cant be fixed or you can't do that repair. We do fix it and we do repairs that other companies refuse to do because they do not make profit off smaller jobs. We would rather replace your motor bearing rather than sell you a new motor at triple the cost. 


ILS offers a wide variety of parts for Alliance Laundry Machines, Milnor, ADC, B&C Technologies, Continental, Chicago, Dexter and more. Call today for all your parts needs. We are competitive in our part prices. 

24/7 emergency service

Breakdowns never happen at a convenient time, here at ILS we strive to keep your production running with as little down time as possible. We understand that your laundry is important to the success of your business. We have techs on call 7 days a week 24 hours a day including all holidays.

Additional charges will apply.

Commercial Laundry Equipment Sales

Authorized B&C Technologies Distributor

Authorized ElectroLux Diestibutor

Authorized Xeros Channel Partner


Installations whether you purchased one of our machines from a trusted manufacturer or you purchased from another dealer, ILS will provide a top notch warranty backed install. All of our installs on new equipment come with a 18 month warranty. We use top grade materials to ensure a proper install. 

Technical support available 24/7

Our Service Manager is on call for Tech Support Calls 24/7. When a property feels that they are capable of fixing their own issue without having to call out a service company, we lend additional support to maintenance staff to help get the machine up  and running asap. Technical Support Fee is $50.00, if your problem can not be fixed with Service Manager Support over the phone, we waive the fee and issue a technician to the property for regular service rate. It's all part of our promise to help you keep your laundry budget to a minimum. 

Design & sales consulting

Let our Sales Team Design a new Commercial Laundry Facility for your property. Our Team takes great pride in producing the most cost effective and reliable solutions for all your commercial laundry needs from small guest laundry at hotels and nursing homes to large scale production facilitates. Whatever your needs are call us today to schedule an appointment to see if we can meet or beat all of your laundry expectations. 

Customer Service

ILS is known for our ability to keep our customers informed. We have a reliable dispatch program that sends auto emails when work orders are created and when calls are en routed by technicians. Our office Dispatcher will keep you informed as to the status of your call from start to finish. We believe communicating is biggest part of our jobs. Our full staff can help you from simple invoice questions to more detailed issues that you may have. We always take the time to listen and respond with the utmost respect.  


If your machine is shaking know that this is the worst thing for your bearings, we can pull your machine, drill new holes in the concrete pad and remount the washer to save unwanted and costly breakdowns. 

If your pad is crumbled consider a new pad or a New Softmount Washer.

Quarterly PM Service

Avoid Dryer Fires-Have your Dryers Serviced with our Preventative Maintenance Program, $50/hr.  Avg 45 min/Dryer. 

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