Washers and dryers that don’t work make commercial operations impossible and residents unhappy. Neither is good for business, which is why your business needs professional laundry equipment service and repair professionals on speed dial.

ILS provides professional laundry equipment repair to businesses and residential facilities in need of it.

Why ILS is Your Best Choice for Laundry Equipment Service & Repair 

Our local technicians are highly experienced with working on all forms of laundry equipment. They have the tools and knowledge to fix any problem or maintenance issue you may have. We take care of your needs safely and efficiently, so you can focus on other, more important aspects of your business.

Highly Qualified and Specialized Expertise

When you call a repair technician, it’s hit or miss. Sometimes they know exactly what’s wrong, have the parts and tools to fix it then and there, and get the job done fast. Sometimes, though, they show up late, tinker for hours, decide they need different parts or tools, and bill you for all of it. All the while you’re still out a machine.

Who has the time or patience for that?

ILS’s laundry equipment repair and service experts are trained to come prepared. Through extensive and ongoing training, fully equipped trucks, and focused efficiency, our technicians are never caught of guard. Additionally, all they work with are laundry machines, which means greater efficiency and less time “learning on the job.”

Whether the issue is big or small, you can rely on ILS to deliver quality service every time. 

Efficiency At All Stages

We don’t like waiting, and don’t like to keep our clients waiting. That means accurate arrival times, focused action on the job, and effective results in every case. If our technicians can’t get your machine up and running within reasonable time and budget, nobody can.

Brand Specialization

Limiting the brands of machines we’ll work with improves the efficiency of our repair service operation and makes for more effective fixes. As such, we service Continental Girbau and B&C Technologies washers and dryers exclusively. If the washer or dryer giving you problems is either brand, we’re your specialized problem solver.  

Contact ILS for Effective and Timely Laundry Equipment Repair 

For more information on our high-quality equipment and maintenance service, make a service inquiry below or call us at (407) 679-0040.